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Sample Family Mission Statement





We are the Matthews Family. We have been chosen, called, and empowered by God to represent Him in this world and the next. Therefore, we will live lives of selfless dedication to His purposes, experiencing His love ourselves and sharing His love with others; understanding His will ourselves and modeling His will before others; and knowing His ways and remaining faithful to His ways in the midst of a constantly changing world.


Because of our identity in Christ Jesus, God’s promise to Father Abraham we adopt as our own, that through our family God would bless other families and nations throughout the earth for all generations in the ongoing work of Redemption: spiritually, physically, financially, intellectually, and emotionally.


We will love each other unconditionally with a covenant love; we will be accountable to each other; we will train our children to love God; and we will keep our family circle intact as, one by one, we reassemble on the other side. By the grace of the loving Father, the blood of the resurrected Son, and the power of the ever-present Spirit, we will follow this our Matthews Mission with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


© July 13, 2016 Philip A Matthews

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